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To deliver a continuous, staged, waterfront promenade from Balmain to Pyrmont – connecting all Destinations to the CBD and on to Woolloomooloo.


  • Providing 5.5 kilometres of continuous public foreshore access
  • Staging public access to previously excluded areas
  • Starting with Stage 1, linking Blackwattle Bay to Pyrmont, as part of the Bays Market District
  • Providing benefits for existing and future businesses exposed to new pedestrian trade
  • Reconnecting Balmain to Pyrmont by working towards the adaptive re-use of Glebe Island Bridge
  • Increasing visual and physical links to Sydney Harbour and The Bays Precinct
  • Providing a mix of green shorelines and living sea walls

Next Steps

Start work on the Bays Waterfront Promenade (Stage 1 Pyrmont to Blackwattle Bay) as part of the Bays Market District.

Sydneysiders Summit | Bays Waterfront Promenade