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White Bay Power Station Industry Event (2015)

UrbanGrowth NSW announced a Request For Proposals (RFP) to identify organisations that are capable of delivering a globally recognised transformation of the White Bay Power Station and its surrounds. The RFP opened on Friday 30 October 2015 and closed on Thursday 25 February 2016.

Interested organisations attended an industry briefing about the White Bay Power Station RFP on Friday 30 October 2015. The briefing also included an exhibition by University of Technology Sydney and University of NSW students.

Sydneysiders Summit (2015)

The Bays Precinct Sydneysiders Summit was a free public event, open to everyone and it was aimed at building public knowledge, understanding and participation in the transformation of The Bays Precinct. The event was held at Australian Technology Park (ATP) at Eveleigh.

From Friday 15 to Monday 18 May 2015 more than 1,300 Sydneysiders learned about the ambition, objectives and possibilities for the transformation of The Bays Precinct and provided their initial feedback at a two-day public Sydneysiders Summit and a number of Leadership Forums for schools, local residents, businesses and industry. Another 500 people watched live-streamed presentations online.

As UrbanGrowth NSW brought together local residents, community leaders, industry representatives and Sydneysiders from all across Sydney, ATP’s Exhibition Hall was transformed into an interactive display of The Bays Precinct; Sydneysiders entered a venue that guided them through their history and current uses. The event space was designed to bring to life ‘Transforming City Living: The Bays Precinct  –  Ideas to drive Sydney’s global success by transforming The Bays Precinct’.

The program for the Summit included a series of short talks, “discovery” displays and more that gave Sydneysiders an opportunity to provide feedback on the case for transformation and overarching ambitions for different areas in the precinct.

The feedback received informed The Transformation Plan: The Bays Precinct, Sydney, which  sets out a strategy for how the Precinct will be transformed over the next 20 to 30 years.

Discovery Day (2015)

The Bays Precinct Discovery Day gave Sydneysiders a chance to see close up what the area is like today, learn about its past, and consider its future. Large areas of normally inaccessible waterfront land in Sydney’s inner Harbour was opened up to the public on Sunday12 April 2015 with a full day of family activities and entertainment around Blackwattle Bay (including the Sydney Fish Market), Rozelle Bay and White Bay.

Event organisers estimated 25,000 Sydneysiders attended The Bays Precinct Sydney Discovery Day.

International Summit (2014)

The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit was held in Sydney on 19-20 November, 2014. Preceding it on November 18 was a one-day workshop specifically focused on financing and funding.

The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit was a unique undertaking which brought together a broad range of urban transformation practitioners, academics and policymakers, as well as community and not-for-profit representatives.

The Summit was all about thinking, hearing, discussing, and learning what is possible and how. This included funding models and financing options, as well as forging relationships that enabled ongoing collaboration for both this and future urban transformation work.

Message from The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit contributors

The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit in 2014 was a unique undertaking. These three days in November 2014 forged a global, decade-long collaboration that has never before been imagined, let alone achieved. The imagination and great thinking at the heart of the Summit generated 20 high-level Principles to guide and underpin the first ever Transformation Plan for the entire Bays Precinct. This long-term Transformation Plan will direct and control land use, development and governance. It will ensure primacy of the public good throughout the precinct for the next 25 years and beyond.

Anchoring the whole process is the UrbanGrowth NSW: City Transformation Life CycleTM, which revolutionises thinking about how cities are regenerated and transformed. We, as the body of contributors to The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit 2014, commend the 20 Principles set out in this Statement and applaud the process that generated them.

Keynote presentations

Did you want you want to better understand certain aspects of urban transformation? Our local and international speakers have made their keynote presentations available.