Geotechnical testing for Bays Market District

3 July 2017

Contractors for UrbanGrowth NSW will undertake geotechnical testing over the next month as part of ongoing planning for the new Bays Market District at Glebe.

The testing will help UrbanGrowth NSW understand ground conditions for the area, including the new Sydney Fish Market site at the head of Blackwattle Bay.

Controlled borehole testing will take place in Wentworth Park North and along Bridge Road during daylight hours and take approximately one month to complete, depending on weather and ground conditions.

UrbanGrowth NSW is working to minimise any disruption on local communities and sporting groups, and testing is expected to have no impact on nearby traffic, the fig trees along Bridge Road or heritage structures in Wentworth Park.

On completion of the works, the boreholes will be backfilled to surface level and the area returned to its existing condition. These works will be carried out in accordance with approval conditions set out by the City of Sydney.

Wentworth Park is owned by the Department of Industry – Lands and is managed by the City of Sydney under a plan of management.

UrbanGrowth NSW’s vision for the new Sydney Fish Market is to create a world-class food and dining destination on Sydney’s inner harbour. The ambition for Wentworth Park is to better connect it with the Bays Market District and surrounding areas, to deliver improved public spaces, recreation and sporting facilities to the community. There will be no housing development on Wentworth Park.

Local residents, businesses and Wentworth Park visitors are encouraged to contact The Bays Precinct team on 1800 664 939 or with any queries about testing.

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