Masterplanning the Bays Market District

UrbanGrowth NSW would like your feedback on the draft principles that will inform the creation of a draft masterplan for the Bays Market District, including a rejuvenated Sydney Fish Market.

Download our brochure that explains our approach to developing the Bays Market District masterplan (PDF, 1.5MB)

The Bays Market District is one of eight distinct yet linked destinations in The Bays Precinct Urban Transformation Program.  In 2015, UrbanGrowth NSW undertook extensive engagement with the community to prepare The Transformation Plan: The Bays Precinct, Sydney. This informed the NSW Government’s vision for the Bays Market District, which is to:

  • rejuvenate the Sydney Fish Market and expand the fresh food offering, creating a world-class Bays Market District connected to the water
  • provide compatible housing suitable to living on the edge of the CBD
  • seamlessly integrate the District with Wentworth Park

To guide the transformation of the Bays Market District over the next 20-30 years, UrbanGrowth NSW has engaged FJMT to work with UrbanGrowth NSW and our stakeholders to develop a masterplan for the District.

The masterplan area, as illustrated in Figure 1, includes:

  • land along Bank Street, Pyrmont
  • the current Sydney Fish Market site
  • land at the head of Blackwattle Bay on Bridge Road, Glebe
  • water in Blackwattle Bay

web mapFigure 1 The Bays Precinct masterplan area 

The development of the draft Bays Market District masterplan will consider opportunities for public open space, commercial and recreational facilities, community and recreational facilities and marine facilities within the District. It will also look at opportunities to provide housing suited to living on the edge of the CBD, commercial and retail facilities.

The following principles will guide the masterplan to ensure there is a balance of uses within the District that responds to the needs of the future residents, workers and visitors.

1. Please tell us how important these principles are to you
a. Better connect Wentworth Park to the harbour
b. Improve access to Blackwattle Bay, the foreshore and water activities for all users
c. Explore and interpret the history of the site
d. Pursue leading edge sustainability, climate change resilience and improved water quality outcomes
e. Minimise additional shadowing to Wentworth Park and the Glebe Foreshore in mid-winter
f. Encourage active transport by prioritising walking and cycling
g. Balance diverse traffic movement needs for all users
h. Reinforce and strengthen connections to existing and future public transport
i. Develop an effective and efficient parking response
j. Increase permeability and wayfinding
k. Deliver the new Sydney Fish Market at the head of Blackwattle Bay as the first step in the urban transformation process
l. Integrate housing and mixed uses suitable to living on the city’s edge and the site’s characteristics
m. Link the Bays Market District to the City, Glebe, Pyrmont, Ultimo, Glebe Island and White Bay
n. Maintain and enhance maritime, employment and working harbour uses and activities
o. Mandate Design Excellence in public domain, landscape and built form design
p. Support the creation of distinctive and socially inclusive communities
q. Activate public areas and establish a cultural core
r. Plan for education, health and social services to support future residents, workers and visitors
s. Expand the range of active and recreational opportunities, such as the Waterfront Promenade, that benefit the new community
t. Ensure strong coordination between public benefits and economically, socially and environmentally viable development
5. In three words, what is your vision of this area in the future?
6. How often do you currently visit this area?
7. Why do you visit the area? (Please select all that apply)
7a. Why do you visit the Sydney Fish Market? (Please select all that apply)
8. What would make you visit the Bays Market District more often in the future? (Please select all that apply)
9. In the future, how would you like to travel to the Bays Market District? (Please select all that apply)